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[[alternative]]Applying Kinect on the Development of a 3D Mannequin System








[[abstract]]In the field of fashion design, 3D Mannequin is a kind of assisting tool which could rapidly realize the design concepts. While the concept of 3D Mannequin is applied to the computer added fashion design, it will connect with the development and the application of design platform and system. Thus, the situation mentioned above revealed a truth that it is very critical to develop a module of 3D Mannequin which would correspond with the necessity of fashion design. After the consideration for the possible application and technological development of 3D Mannequin, this research proposes a concrete plan that developing and constructing a system of 3D Mannequin with Kinect. Through the implement with depth camera of Kinect, ergonomic measurements of objective human features could be attained real-time, and then the mesh morphing can be implemented through transformed the locations of the control-points on the model by inputting those ergonomic data to get an exclusive 3D mannequin model. In the proposed methodology, after the scanned points from the Kinect are revised for accuracy and smoothening, a complete human feature would be reconstructed by the ICP algorithm with the method of image processing. Also, the objective human feature could be recognized to analyze and get real measurements. Furthermore, the data of ergonomic measurements could be applied to shape morphing for the division of 3D Mannequin reconstructed by feature curves. Due to a standardized and customer-oriented 3D Mannequin would be generated by the implement of subdivision, the research could be applied to the fashion design or the presentation and display of 3D virtual clothes. In order to examine the practicality of research structure, an interactive system of 3D Mannequin would be constructed with JAVA program in this study. Through the revision of experiments the practicability-contained research result would come out. This researching plan would be implemented separately in three years. The research targets would be expounded as follows: The 1st year: The fundamental research of Mannequin scanned by Kinect. 1. To construct a complete module of data processing for the scanned points from Kinect. 2. To construct a structure of ICP algorithm that could be applied in 3D scanning by Kinect. 3. To develop the searching module for features of 3D Mannequin, and applied scanned ergonomic measurement to the shape morphing of 3D Mannequin. The 2nd year: The primary research of human scanned by single Kinect. 1. To define feature points of human scanning and the way they be scanned. 2. To scheme out the process and necessary equipments of human scanning. 3. To develop a complete algorithm of searching particular human feature with single Kinect, and applied scanned ergonomic measurement to the shape morphing of 3D Mannequin. The 3rd year: The advanced research of human scanned by multiple Kinect. 1. To construct a methodology for coordinate revision of multiple Kinect scanning. 2. To develop a complete algorithm of searching whole human feature with multiple Kinect, and applied scanned ergonomic measurement to the shape morphing of 3D Mannequin. 3. To complete the interactive system of 3D Mannequin, and build a database of 3D Mannequin.