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Unish Shotoke Bangali Manose Jatiotabader Unmesh O Sahitye tar Abhibyekti


Mousumi Das


Expanding, like petals of young flowers;I watch the gentle opening of your minds,And the sweet loosening of the spell that birdsYour intellectual energies and powers,That stretch (like your bird in soft summer hours)Their wings to try their strength……………The opening song of the new age of the new men is this. 19th century is the age of New Modern Thoughts. This thought awakes the mind of the Indian people due to the torture of the British Rulers. But at first this new revolutionary thinking arrives at undivided Bangladesh because of European education and western literature. This modern view is called ‘Renaissance’. In this age men wanted to become free from not only ancient outlook but also try to search for ‘New’ with their broad mindset and consciousness. Reconstruction or Deconstruction was the important subject matter of the literature at that period. In this stormy and stressful age the poets wrote for man not for god. They tried to establish the power of men not the power of god. ‘It was a period, when all authorities, however great and high, were put below the authority of man’s own judgement’.In the 2nd part of the 19th our poet Rangalal Bandopadhya, Maikel Madhusudan Dutta, Hemchandra Bandopadhya, Nabin Chandra Sen had established their poetic skill along with nationalism & humanism in their epics,upakhyans, akhyankavyas etc. ‘To begin with, therefore, it was applied only to the rebirth of classical antiquity’ So, they had contructed their poetic fulfillment taking the subject matter from legends, myths, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagata, Puranas etc. and reconstructed the stories with new values i.e. value for mankind.