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Uponibeshottor Chetonar Aloke prantikayito Janasamaj : Nirbachito Koyekti Uponyase er Pratifalan


Mousumi Nath


Post colonialism is often understood to be a period of time after colonialism and post-colonial literature is usually characterized by its opposition to the colonial discourse. However, any literature that expresses an opposition to colonialism, even if it is written during a colonial period, may be defined as postcolonial literature, primarily due to its oppositional nature. From this point of view, novels like ‘Kankabati’, ‘Nildarpan’, ‘Bolmik’, ‘Tabubihanga’, ‘Aranyer Adhikar’, ‘Droupadi’, ‘Akasher Niche Manus’, and Mohakaler Rather Ghora’ have been discussed in this paper. The paper also highlights that the so-called renaissance and modernity in Bengali Literature took place under the imposed structure of an English modernity. Perceived in this light, a new dimension of Bengali novels could be found, where the plights of marginalized sections are being highlighted. The paper is analytical in nature construed with the help of Primary and Secondary data.