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Students: The Starting Point to Institutional Planning


"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today"-Indian proverb ( is flattering as a global hub for educational actions and a catalyst for all kinds of worldwide man-power condition. There is a mounting stipulation for, and also apprehension more of concern to, endowed with eminence education with standard curriculum and globally acceptable arrangement of education. It is based in the key of optimal utilization of the resources available in the school and the community and for this we need to have plan. Planning is having a unique importance in every walk of life. Wherever we are, whatever we do a certain amount of planning is required and educational capsule is one of them which is having different essence to it. Institutional planning is one of them which framed and executed on the basis of felt needs along with available resources. It starts with grass root level which consists of broad policy which makes it a two way process. As we are in 21st century, the present paper focuses on the qualities of the students and the opulent relationship of the student and the institution. Since the author belongs to teaching fraternity, explores role of students which should be the initial position of the institutional planning along with the institutional strategies which are required to achieve academic success as well as goals of the institution.