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Samaresh Basur 'Ganga' Uponyase Nimnoborgio Somaj


Nitish Das


Samaresh Basu is one of the renowned novelists of modern Bengali literature. Apart from Tarashankar and Manik Bandhopadhya, Samaresh Basu is the most versatile and popular among the modern novelists. His novel ‘Ganga’, written in the post-colonial period is widely acknowledged as a milestone in theme and treatment. It is one of the best novels in Bengali related with the life of the fisherman and others living beside river. In the capitalist society it has been observed that the subaltern group work very hard but they are very much under privileged and deprived of the minimum opportunities of life. The middleman snatches away the profit from these poor fishermen and they remain poor throughout their lives and this way they carry the burden of loan from one generation to other. Even then they have their own dreams, expectation from life, and struggle for emancipation which has been portrayed in a befitting manner in this novel. Based on secondary data the paper aims to study role of Ganga River on life of fishermen as is explored in Samaresh Basu’s novel ‘Ganga’.