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Prevalence of Morbidity Among Women: an analysis of North Tripura and Unokuti District, Tripura


The study is based on primary data which are collected with the help of a structured schedule from four different castes of population spread over North Tripura District and Unokuti District of Tripura. Stratified random sampling technique was applied for the collection of data at household level where the sample units are the adult women in the age group of 18 - 55 years. All the data are collected based on the criteria of balanced representation of different social castes such as ST, SC, OBC and General in the sample. Altogether 90 samples have been collected. Main objective of the study is to determine the morbidity status and also to determine the key variables which affect morbidity status of the people of North Tripura. Binary logistic regression model has been applied to determine the key determinants of morbidity status. It has been found that age of the respondent, respondents per day calorie intake and educational level of the respondents are the key determinants of morbidity status of the respondents. The model as a whole explained between 30.6% (Cox & Snell R Square) and 41.1 %( Nagelkerke R Square). And ᵡ2 (6.460, N=90) =32.811.