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Conversion of single crystals of a nickel(II) dithiocarbamate complex to nickel sulfide crystals


© 2018 Elsevier B.V. Single crystals of bis(κ2S,S′-di(isopropyl)dithiocarbamato) nickel(II) were utilized as a single source precursor for the formation of NiS via thermolysis. The complex decomposed at ∼250 °C to form α-NiS exclusively with no β-NiS detected. Analysis of the thermolysis regime using in situ techniques showed that the thermolysis occurs in a single step with the major volatile side-products being isopropyl-isothiocyanate and carbon disulfide. The resultant NiS was examined using SEM and TEM to reveal a retention of precursor crystal edge-length and angle relationships.

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