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Medical Literature Search by Using MeSH and ICD9-CM


[[abstract]]隨著科技進步,政府及民眾對醫療觀念的重視,臨床醫療工作者除了擔負臨床診治的工作外,也需要照顧病患或其家屬提出的問題解答。但在繁忙及充滿醫療不確定性的環境中,臨床醫療工作者如何自從大量的醫學資訊中快速擷取可用的資訊,作為臨床決策和解答病患問題的參考,將是提昇醫療品質中重要的關鍵。 本研究主要運用資料庫索引典結構設計一簡易的實證文獻檢索模式,應用ICD9-CM key word及MeSH (Medical Subject Heading)相同概念之病名詞彙作對應,使臨床人員能以熟悉的臨床詞彙無須再透過轉換檢索詞而能直接以資料庫之檢索詞找到相同詞彙概念之文獻,且可直接呈現PubMed實證資料庫之相關英文文獻,檢索者毋需一一搜尋各個資料庫也能獲得較精確之搜尋結果,希望臨床工作者在相當忙錄的醫療環境下也能藉由此結合臨床概念的介面,降低其搜尋文獻之困境,更易隨時獲得最新資訊,期能進一步發展為臨床決策之輔助系統。

[[abstract]]Due to progress of medical technology and more emphases on medical issue, clinicians have to face more clinical problems in their daily work. As a clinician, how to obtain correct information faster from massive collections of literatures in order to improve his medical decision has played a pivotal role in the improvement of medical practice. This study will build a web site for clinicians where a specific disease code is given, it will automatically of show a series related articles lay Medical Subheading hierarchical structure, and then used a variety of search engine to get more information which includes all web site articles selected from evidence based medicine. The advantage of this is that the searchers do not need to consider about different databases and their searching methods, nevertheless it can offer high quality articles what searchers really need. Design a interface from the Medical Subheading 2002 related with ICD-9CM coded disease term and Apply to each disease searching methods, this ICD-9CM coded concept integrally, it will be more easier apply to different clinical needs what medical procedures related with a ICD-9CM code。