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Intervention Program for Enhancing Emergent Literacy Skills with Language Development Delayed Preschoolers


[[abstract]]本研究目的在於發展一套適用於學前語言發展遲緩障礙或障礙兒童的啟蒙?寫課程,根據文獻回顧的結果以啟蒙?寫三要素—口語語言、聲韻覺?、和文字覺?為核心內容,發展出「學前啟蒙?寫課程」,先透過專家學者檢核課程發展之適當性,再以實驗教學成效?檢驗該實驗課程之適用性。研究方法採?等組前後測準實驗設計,研究對象預定為60名高雄縣市四至?小時的輕?語言發展遲緩或障礙的學前兒童,其中實驗組預計接受為期16-24週,每週2次,每次45分鐘的實驗教學。 The purpose of the research is to develop a suitable emergent literacy intervention program for language developmental delayed or impairment preschooler. The “Emergent Literacy Intervention Program for Preschooler” includes three core areas: oral language, phonological awareness, and print awareness. Through the experts’ examination and experimental teaching study, the research will try to certify property of this intervention program. The nonequivalent-control group design of quasi-experimental research will be utilized in this study. Sixty 4- to 6-year olds participants will select from in both Kaohsiung City and County. The experimental group will receive intervention that take place twice per week for approximately 45 minutes over a 16 to 24 week period.