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Reflection of Life Centered on Human Being about the Note of an Intern Doctor


曾絢煜S.Y. Tseng


[[abstract]]《實習醫師手記》一書出版於1978,作者王溢嘉畢業於台大醫科,在本書中現身法,運用文學的感性特質,記敘其在醫學院修業的最後一,在醫院實習的心程。全書充滿對現代醫學及生命意義的思考,富有濃厚的人文精神。本文從人文角思考,研究進除依循文本所提供的線,探究作者在習醫過程中,所經的生命困境以及對醫工作的思外,並分析作者從「醫師」的專業視角,觀察病痛對個體肉體及精神上的衝擊,及其對「醫學的確定性」及「生命意義」等課題的思考,以解王溢嘉以「人」為中心的生命思考。文末並討本書寫作上的特色在台灣當代醫學書寫的意義。 "The Note of an Intern Doctor", published in 1978, was written by Wang Yi-Cha, a graduate of medical department of National University. The writer, using the sensitive character of literature, narrates his thought and experience during he was an intern doctor. His introspection to modern medical science and the search of life is full of humanistic spirit. This article was described in the thought of humanity. The research and thinking process of this article were based upon the clues provided in Dr. Wang's book, including experience of the hard circumstance of life and the introspection to medical education while he was on his way to become a practical physician. In addition, we analyzed and observed the impact of diseases in physiological and mental aspects, based on author's viewpoint of "uncertainty in medical science" and "the meaning of life". The relationship and connection between the current prose in medicine and this book were also discussed at the end of this article.

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