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Food Security And Drawbacks Of Neo-Liberal Food Policies


Being a basic need for people all over the world, access to healthy and adequate food is indispensable for the survival of human kind. Yet there is a considerable inequality with regard to the access to food, as is the case with many other crucial resources. The global food policies purporting to address this inequality are in fact further exacerbating the problem towards becoming a chronic one. This paper will investigate the concept of food security and neoliberal food policies from a critical perspective. To this end, it will first touch upon the definition of human security concept and the relevance of food security within this context. Secondly, the policy proposals of institutions established under the United Nations for food security will be listed. Moreover, the global trade regime laid down by the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, and its implications on the food security will be analyzed. Finally, the problems emerging from the global food policies, and the opposition movements that have developed as a reaction to these will be investigated