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Cigar-Tip Cutter.
Patent for a cigar clipper that enables the clipper to fold compactly along the edge of the cigar box when not in use.
Patent for an intestine protector that protects the intestines from needles (or other sharp instruments) after surgical procedures have concluded.
Background: The thymus plays a critical role in the development and maturation of T-cells. Humans have a single thoracic thymus and presence of a second thymus is considered an anomaly. However, many vertebrates have multiple thymuses. The tammar wal...
The Rhipicephalus microplus genome is large and complex in structure, making it difficult to assemble a genome sequence and costly to resource the required bioinformatics. In light of this, a consortium of international collaborators was formed to po...
ABSTRACT Post-surgical implant-associated spinal infection is a devastating complication commonly caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Biofilm formation is thought to reduce penetration of antibiotics and immune cells, contributing to chronic and difficu...