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FIGURE 10. Cletodes meyerorum sp. nov., female. A. A1, A'. last 2 antennular segments; * and # showing homologue setae that are bare in A but unipinnate in A'. B. A2 with some broken elements, B' antennar enp of a paratype showing complete setation. ...
FIGURE 1. Echinocletodes voightae sp. nov., female. A. Habitus dorsal; triangular arrows indicating different position of furcal seta III in the FR, B. Habitus lateral, C. cuticular spike. Scale bars: A, B: 500 µm, C: 50 µm.
FIGURE 7. Echinocletodes voightae sp. nov., male. A. A1, arrow pointing to protrusion of fifth segment that bears 1 seta and 1 aes; B. P3 enp, * showing enp-2 and enp-3 of the counterpart, with magnification of the apophysis (arrow). Scale bar: 50 µm...
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