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Results on the cross section for the production of electron pairs in p̄p collisions at √s=630 GeV are presented. The measured value is σ=405±51 (syst.) ±84 (syst.) pb, in the invariant mass interval 10<70 GeV. The results are compared to recent theor...
A study of events containing at least four high transverse momentum jets and a search for double parton scattering (DPS) have been performed using data collected with the UA2 detector at the CERN p̄p Collider (√s=630 GeV). The results are in good agr...
The process p̄p→evy+X is studied as √s=630 GeV The observed signal is used to extract a direct measurement of the parameters κ and λ which define the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments of the W boson and therefore the WWγ coupling We fin...
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