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Manuscript sermon written by Jonathan Adams, Middlebury College Class of 1812. This is a scanned version of the original image in Special Collections and Archives at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.
\"To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.\"Bruce offered a unique talent to Hollywood, he was a superb martial artist, actor, and writer, but he was dealing with 1960s Hollywood. He was not getting the opportunities his talent deserved be...
At the request of fans, this week Shannon and Sharon discuss Bruce Lee's approach to nutrition and fitness! Nutrition and fitness were ongoing obsessions for Bruce during his life and was constantly experimenting on himself and seeing what worked for...
#87 Becoming a Warrior
Bruce Lee is a true warrior in mind, body, and spirit.Shannon comes from a lineage of warriors and has been exploring what being a true warrior means for her. Join Shannon and Sharon as they discuss: What does it take for us to become true warriors?\...