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Using Supply Chain Management Approach for Message Forwarding for Internet of Things (IoT)


Kevin Ashton, an expert in RFID in 1999, firstused the word “the Internet of Things (IoT)”. As per the terms of technology,IoT is an environment that people understand in many different ways, depending and based on theirrequirement, point of view and purpose. This paper discusses the supply chainsand its possible applications for job scheduling in the IoT framework. Thesupply chain management (SCM) is a means of providing facilities for deliveryof services with the purpose of transporting materials for distribution to endof the chain or customers. SCM has the property of delivery tracking at everytime while using the best possible path which augurs well with IoT resemblingthe dynamic route conditions. The study is further encouraged by the factwith Radio Frequency for Identification (RFID) being the assistivetracking technology for both SCM andIoT.