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Preparation of Activated Carbon From Waste Cooked Tea for Using as Chemical Dyes – Filter


Eco-friedlyadsorption material was prepared from waste cooked tea and characterized byspectroscopic techniques. The target of this work was using this activatedcarbon as multi-use filtration disc that may be applied in life and science.The action of newly multi-adsorption filter disc was evaluated though theUV-Vis measurements of methylene blue adsorption. This multi-adsorption filterdisc contained activated carbon prepared from waste cooked tea with / orwithout silica gel presence. The removal percentage (R%) and adsorptioncapacities (Q) values were more than 99% and 496 mg/g respectively for all repeated times. Presence of silica gel infilter disc accompanied by our prepared activated carbon was unchangable in dyeremoving quantities so silica gel can be dispended and the filter disc wassatisfied with our prepared activated carbon. Also, this multi- adsorptionfilter can be introduced as a promising investment in adsorption technology orequipments. The obtained data showed the privilege of this filter in both casesespecially in the absence of silica gel. Also, the removal percentage andadsorption capacity demonstrated the superiority of the prepared filter.