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An Advanced Fault Locating Technique with WAMS based Backup Protection Scheme for Power System with Simultaneous Faults


Protection of power systems is important for stable and uninterrupted operation of power network. Maloperation of traditional back up protection schemes (e.g-Zone3 maloperation) causes many catastrophic phenomenon like cascaded tripping in power systems. So, some defensive mechanism are needed for taking care of such failures in power systems and to increase their security and reliability. Due to hugeness and complexity of Modern power systems, they are controlled, monitored and protected by Wide Area Measurement systems (WAMS). WAMS increases the efficiency and reliability of power networks and prevent the chance of blackouts and cascading failures in tandem. A synchronized phasor measurement-based wide-area backup protection scheme is presented in the paper where the magnitude of sequence voltages of buses at a system protection centre are used to identify the faulted area, bus closest to the fault and faulted line. The proposed method is tested for several faults including simultaneous faults in power systems with interconnections also. This technique is found to be Reliable, accurate and fast with contemporary synchronized measurement based technology. It is expected that numerous disastrous blackouts, cascaded tripping of power networks can be avoided and reliability and security of the power systems can be improved by the scheme. The study of new and improved back up protection scheme is done on a WSCC-3 machine-9 bus system. The data is simulated through EMTDC/PSCAD and MATLAB /SIMULINK software.