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Characterization of CrN/CrAlN/Cr2O3 Multilayers Coatings Synthesized by DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering


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The CrN/CrAlN/Cr2O3 multilayer coatings were deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering DC on 90CrMoV8 stainless steel under various oxygen flow rates. The structure and crystalline phases are characterized by the x-ray diffractometer. Through SEM, a dense and coherent is revealed in CrN/CrAlN/Cr2O3 multilayer coatings. The friction and wear behaviors obtained with the ball-on-disc test show that all multilayer films exhibit a good wear resistance, especially the one with an oxygen flow rate of 10 sccm. Nevertheless, in sea water the film without a top layer of Cr2O3 have the lowest coefficient of friction. This behavior is attributed to the interfacial strengthening and the existence of the upper passivation layer Cr2O3. Adding to that, the film obtained under an oxygen flow rate of 10 sccm show the lowest grain size and the maximum hardness and elastic modulus could Respectively, 45 and 417 GPa.