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Study of photon electroproduction on the nucleon at high and low energy by Virtual Compton Scattering


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Virtual Compton Scattering (VCS) and Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) on the nucleon are two processes accessed via the photon electroproduction reaction (eN → eγN). In the first part of this paper we are interested by the DVCS on the neutron. We measured the (D(e, eγ)X-H(e, e'γ)X) unpolarized cross section and we extracted, for the first time, a non-zero contribution of (neutron-DVCS + coherent- deuteron-DVCS) at Q$^{2}$ = 1.75 GeV$^{2}$ and x$_{B}$ = 36 from Jefferson Lab experiment E08-025. VCS on the proton has been studied at Mainz Microtron MAMI at the four-momentum transfer squared Q$^{2}$ = 0.5 GeV$^{2}$, below the pion production threshold. In the second part of this paper we present our preliminary results of the structure functions (P$_{LL}$ − (P$_{TT}$/ε)) and P$_{LT}$, and the electric and magnetic generalized polarizabilities α$_{E}$ (Q$^{2}$) and β$_{M}$ (Q$^{2}$) extracted from this experiment.