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Bright CdSe quantum dot inserted in single ZnSe nanowires


International audience

We report the evidence of CdSe quantum dot (QD) insertion in single defect-free ZnSe nanowire. These nanowires have been grown by molecular beam epitaxy in vapour-liquid-solid growth mode catalysed with gold particles. We developed a two-step process allowing us to grow very thin (from 15 to 5 nm) defect-free ZnSe nanowire on top of a nanoneedle, where all defects are localised. The CdSe QDs are incorporated to the defect-free nanowires part. Owing to the extraction efficiency of the nanowires and the reduced number of stacking fault defects in the two-step-process nanowires, a very efficient photoluminescence is observed even on isolated single nanowire. Time-resolved photoluminescence and correlation photon give evidences that the bright photon emission is related to the CdSe QD