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Synthesis of new copper cyanide complexes via the transformation of organonitrile to inorganic cyanide.


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Hydrothermal reaction of diaminomaleonitrile and copper salts under different conditions resulted in copper cyanide coordination polymers {[Cu(H2O)(NH3)4][Cu3(CN)5] · H2O}n (1), {(CH3)4N[Cu(H2O)(NH3)4][Cu4(CN)7]}n (2), and {(CH3OH2)2[Cu2(CN)3]}n (3). 1 and 2 are new mixed-valence Cu(I,II), two 3D organic-inorganic molecular framework complexes that exhibit ionic inclusion. 3 is an open copper cyanide framework hosting a guest molecule. Cyanides in 1, 2, and 3 are produced by in situ C-C bond cleavage of diaminomaleonitrile, and then the remaining product is oxidized to form an oxalate group. The potential porosity of the hydrated coordination polymer 3 was estimated using a computational method based on Connolly's algorithm.